Welcome to DIGITAL REAL ESTATE ACADEMY where we help you unlock the lucrative world of domain flipping and investing!

You can get started by purchasing our flagship course - profitable domain investing which has been purchased by more than 1000 students

We've also developed an exclusive done-for-you domain names investing program where our experts handpick a portfolio of top domain names for you to own and sell, making it easier to earn huge profits.

  • We do it all for you, including marketing & listing your hand-picked domain names for sale.

    It's all 100% entirely done for you.

  • We will also empower you with complimentary access to our library of video trainings, courses, ebooks, access to our exclusive telegram community of domain investors & commission free marketplace. All at no additional cost once you enroll in our done-for-you program.



  • 3 handpicked domain names you can resell for $2000 or more per domain name*

  • Ability to upgrade to our 10, 25, 50 & 125 domain names packages.

  • Listing of all names on domain marketplaces & marketing to prospective buyers.

  • Access to our telegram community of domain investors & commission free marketplace.

  • Education : Access to a library of exclusive domain investing training videos from Digital Real Estate Academy & access to our Domains flipping 101 ebook.

  • Instant Access to our Profitable Domain Investing Course. This course provides a framework of how to become a profitable domain investor. The course is presented by Ryan Colby - a domain investor with over $75 million in domain name sales since 2010.

The STARTER PACKAGE is only available for a limited time. Once we reach capacity we will RETIRE this starter package & never offer it again.

* Suggested listing/selling prices for domains may vary.

* Results are not typical. Domain investing requires patience and there is a possibility that your domain names may not sell.

Modules in the Profitable Domain Investing Course

  1. Introduction & Overview

  2. Dashboard & Tools

  3. Domain Marketplace Overview

  4. Getting Started With Expired Domains

  5. Intro To Domain Brokerage

  6. How To Sell Domains To End Users Part II

  7. End User Brokerage

  8. The Economics of Digital Real Estate

  9. Avoiding Common Pitfalls

  10. Group Coaching Sessions


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